The Pigs Might Fly South blood range is supplied in several colours, all with an intended purpose as shown below, however it really is up to a Customer to determine which blood most suits their own needs.

• Bright Red: this blood is a vibrant bright red, intended for use in low-light conditions, or on darker skin tones or fabrics where the Standard or Dark bloods might not show up effectively; will be quite unrealistic in natural light unless that is the desired effect;

• Standard Arterial: fresh, oxygenated blood contained within arteries; can sometimes appear too bright when used under high power stage lights, in which case Dark might be more suitable;

• Dark venous: de-oxygenated, venous blood, or ‘aged’ blood; ideal for blood pooling effects post-mortem, or when venous bleeding occurs ;

• Mouthsafe: a dark red, similar to the Dark venous de-oxygenated blood but safe for use in the mouth.



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