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Is the blood vegan?

Yes! The entire range of Pigs Might Fly South blood has been certified by The Vegan Society.

In fact Pigs Might Fly South is the only range of artificial blood that is certified by The Vegan Society.


Is Pigs Might Fly South blood washable and non-staining?

The entire range of Pigs Might Fly South bloods is completely washable and non-staining - it's why the products are trusted by so many Industry professionals, the world over, and have been for over three decades.

The blood has been developed specifically to be washed away with warm water, so as long as the garment or item that is covered in blood can be washed, then the blood will be removed. We do not recommend the use of baby/wet wipes at any time - not only are baby wipes environmentally horrible, they will not remove every trace of blood from an actor or prop/set. Warm water, with a little soap, is always the best method to be used on set.

What's the best way to remove the blood from costumes?

The entire Pigs Might Fly South blood range can simply be washed from costumes using a cool wash cycle, with a small amount of liquid soap detergent. If hand-washing is the only option then lukewarm water with soap detergent will work perfectly, although it may take several changes of water to remove all of the residue.

Fabrics that are not washable in water, such as silk, should ideally be avoided. It is possible to remove the blood from silk but great care will be needed not to damage the fabric in the process. Similarly, wigs/wig lace will need to be cleaned carefully to avoid damage to the item.

Which colour red blood should I use?

The Pigs Might Fly South blood range is supplied in several colours, all with an intended purpose as shown below, however it really is up to a Customer to determine which blood most suits their own needs.

• Bright Red: this blood is a vibrant bright red, intended for use in low-light conditions, or on darker skin tones or fabrics where the Standard or Dark bloods might not show up effectively; will be quite unrealistic in natural light unless that is the desired effect;

• Standard Arterial: fresh, oxygenated blood contained within arteries; can sometimes appear too bright when used under high power stage lights, in which case Dark might be more suitable;

• Dark venous: de-oxygenated, venous blood, or 'aged' blood; ideal for blood pooling effects post-mortem, or when venous bleeding occurs ;

• Mouthsafe: a dark red, similar to the Dark venous de-oxygenated blood but safe for use in the mouth.



Scratch Gel or Wound Filler?

Pigs Might Fly South's Scratch Gel and Wound Filler are both based on the original formulation of the Dark venous Nick Dudman blood, but with an additive that creates a thick, congealed effect.

The Scratch Gel is the least congealed of the two products and is ideal for applying direct to skin/prosthetics to create a grazed effect or to apply at the edges of a wound; the Wound Filler is more congealed than the Scratch Gel and can be used to represent flesh or deeper wounds.

Both products are syrup based and will therefore gradually lose some of the viscosity as they warm up on an actor's skin; they can also be mixed with the dark venous blood for use as clotting blood.

Is Pigs Might Fly South blood edible?

The only product in the PMFSouth range that can be used in the mouth is the 'Mouthsafe' blood. It is manufactured using 100% food grade ingredients and to food hygiene standards, however it is still classified as a cosmetic product and therefore is intended for external use.

None of the products in the PMFSouth range contain ingredients which are considered to be allergens; Customers should however always familiarise themselves with the ingredients list on the Instructions of Use label to ensure that nothing is contained in the blood that will have a known adverse reaction.

Do you sell blood bags or capsules?

The Pigs Might Fly South range of bloods are supplied in various sizes, ranging from 30ml up to 10 litre. We do not supply pre-filled bags or capsules as most Customers have their own specific requirements for a blood effect, so supplying the blood in bottles provides the most flexibility.

Will I receive a VAT Invoice for my order?

A VAT Invoice is issued for every order placed on the website using the details provided at the time the order is placed. The Invoice will then either be included in the package with the delivery, or will be emailed to the email address provided by the Customer when ordering.

If a VAT Invoice subsequently needs to be changed after receipt by the Customer, then please email quoting the Invoice number and the correct details to be used and we will amend it accordingly and resend. Please allow a couple of days for the revised Invoice to be received.

When will my order be delivered?

We aim to despatch orders placed before 12:00pm Monday to Friday on the day that the order is placed. Orders placed after 12:00pm may be shipped same day, but it will depend on Courier availability as well as order processing/packaging time.

Orders within the U.K. are sent on a Next Working Day delivery service, using either DHL or Royal Mail Special Delivery. Working days are considered to be Monday - Friday, between 9am & 5pm, so an order placed before midday on a Friday will not be received until Monday.

If there is likely to be a delay in the shipping, or delivery, of a Customer's order due to stock availability or courier delays then we will contact you and advise accordingly.

Does the blood have a 'Use by' date?

Every bottle of blood manufactured by Pigs Might Fly South will be marked clearly with a Best Before End (BBE) date, in accordance with Cosmetic Regulations.

All of the blood products are given an 18 month BBE date from the date of manufacture; if stored correctly, and in accordance with the instructions given on the label on the bottle, the blood will not deteriorate and will be safe to use until the BBE date. The blood should be stored in closed bottles, out of direct sunlight, and preferably in cool room temperature conditions. Blood that has been decanted from a bottle should not be returned to the bottle in case it has become contaminated which could cause the remaining product to deteriorate.

Do you supply in bulk?

Every Customer has a different definition of the term 'bulk' order.

Needless to say, if you need blood, we can deliver it in whatever quantity that may be. Our regular blood containers range in size from 30 ml up to 10 litres, however we have in the past delivered orders of several thousands of litres in IBC tanks.

So yes, bulk orders are not a problem at all..... and in fact we rather like them!

Can you supply bespoke colour bloods?

Bespoke colours can usually be achieved. The process starts with an initial conversation to discuss what is required and the likelihood of success. A RAL colour number is a great help so we understand what is needed to create the dye mix.

Due to complexities associated with bespoke colours there will be a minimum order quantity and a colour surcharge. Bespoke orders can take up to two weeks to process but that will be discussed with the Customer.

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