PMFS Dark Pumping blood, 1 litre

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Based on the original formulation of Nick Dudman’s Dark washable blood, this pumping, or splatter, blood has been produced by Pigs Might Fly South to satisfy the requirement for an ultra-realistic, non-staining blood that can be used in blood pumps and medical equipment, as well as being suitable for situations where large quantities of blood are used to represent blood splatter. When used in blood bags/packs this pumping blood will soak into costume fabrics well, as opposed to running off the fabric surface. It is less affected by temperature than the original formulation but still retains the characteristic non-staining qualities, as well as the exceptional colour depth and accuracy of the entire range of bloods.
This Dark version replicates aged venous, or de-oxygenated, blood.

Suitable for all skin types, it is allergen free, and fully compliant with UK & EU Cosmetic Regulations. Can be used with all film cameras including latest high definition equipment.

UK Cosmetic Regulation registration nos.: UKCP-80410561
EU Cosmetic Regulation registration nos.: EUCPNP-3647058

*Note: Pigs Might Fly South Pumping blood should not be diluted, otherwise there will be a risk of staining

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