PMFS Wound Filler, 45ml

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Product details

Based on the original formulation of Nick Dudman’s Dark washable blood, this Wound Filler has been produced by Pigs Might Fly South to satisfy demand for a blood gel that can be used to simulate thick congealed blood and to create the appearance of clots or flesh.
The gel replicates dark blood that has fully clotted and is intended to be moulded directly on the skin using tools/stipple brushes or laid into prosthetics applied on the skin to produce the effect of flesh wounds. Its consistency means it will hold its shape well but will retain a wet look.

Suitable for all skin types, it is allergen free, and fully compliant with UK & EU Cosmetic Regulations. Can be used with all film cameras including latest high definition equipment.

UK Cosmetic Regulation registration nos.: UKCP-98185750
EU Cosmetic Regulation registration nos.: EUCPNP-3647070

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